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+(506) 2232-1266
+(506) 2232-1228

Apdo: 4965-1000
San José, Costa Rica


South Sabana. East Side of the
Contraloría General of the Republic

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Customer service

In the department of service to the partner our collaborators, in addition to developing special activities, will attend to your doubts and concerns, as well as the process of new affiliations.

Our schedule

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 md

(506) 2290-6590 ext: 275, 231, 281

General Management

Ext Department
235 General Management
235 Secretary
263 Assistent


Ext Department
200 Front Desk
201-228 Rooms
274 Hotel Management
239 Reception
250 Lobby
235 General Management

Food and Beverages

Ext Department
262 A&B Office
107 Carril 5 Kitchen
270 Events Cashier
278 Rest. Carril 5 Cashier
258 Bowling Cashier
288 Kiosk – Kids Club
282 Deck Cashier


Ext Department
267 Financial Manager
252 General accountant
277 Chief of Accounts
256 General Cashier
255 Accounts Receivable
285 Payment management
235 General Management
283 Accounting
105 Costs
106 Assistant


Ext Department
269-229 Sports Office
233 Gymnasium
237 Sports Store
241 Tennis Kiosk
258 Bowling
273 Billard


Ext Department
290 Operational Manager
271 Supervisor
279 Chief General Services

Special Events

Ext Department
259 Special Events
276 Special Events

Human Resources

Ext Department
239 Human Resources
243 Forms
280 Forms


Ext Department
246 José Luis Sánchez

Partner Service

Ext Department
263 Chief
231 Shared Capital
275 Partner Service


Ext Department
245 Park Contraloría
247 Main Entrance
286 South Parking

Commercial manager

Ext Department
281 Commercial manager


Ext Department
238 Warehouse
265 Warehouse office
284 Supply

Dressing rooms

Ext Department
244 Gentlemen
260 Ladies
261 Gymnasium

Job opportunities

What is the Costa Rica Tennis Club?

The Costa Rica Tennis Club is the “dean” of social clubs in Costa Rica, it is a club that over the years maintains its values and this is reflected in the family atmosphere and good habits that are lived in its facilities.

The Costa Rica Tennis Club, besides being a place to do sport, is a place to share and an excellent place to work.

What benefits do the people who work for the Club get?

  • Competitive salary.
  • Employer obligations.
  • Growth opportunity.
  • Balance between life and work.
  • Inclusive environment.

What do we look for in our staff?

  • Entrepreneurial people.
  • I desire to excel.
  • Responsibility.
  • Excellent personal presentation.

Apply today

Those interested in integrating our work group send their resume to the mail:

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